Our Featured Services

Analyzing data we have found data patterns for effective decision making into protect artists' digital copyrights, optimize online ad campaigns, engage with organic followers in social media management, everything under the spectrum of digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Since 2004 GLF manages social networks of entertainers with more than 4 million followers. GLF creates social media marketing strategies that align with business goals. We create or improve accounts, create marketing campaigns, find out who your audience is, your key partners and your competition and create content accordingly. We also track performance and adjust strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategy

GLF creates marketing strategies such as business-to-business B2B to sell products or services to other businesses or business-to-consumer B2C if the company targets personal consumers. We help our clients to advertise in Social Networks as well as in Google and other platforms.

Web Site Development

We develop WordPress websites to our clientes and provide training workshops to learn how to update and maintain their own website. We make your website visible to Search Engines (SEO), and connect the strategies on external sites such as social networks or advertisement in other platforms to make your site more visible, Search Engine Marketing (SME). We also offer design website store for e-commerce and payment process.

Affiliate Management

Any website can earn a commission for marketing another company's products. GLF helps its clientes to design their website with banners that generate commissions.


We help musicians, comedians and other artists to monetize their content in platforms such as YouTube and to upload their material to platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Audio and iTunes.

Protection of Digital Copyrights.

GLF has 17 years of experience protecting the digital copyrights of entertainers. That is mostly blocking digital content in real time in platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and more.

Reputation Management

GLF has 17 years of experience protecting the digital copyrights of entertainers. That is mostly blocking digital content in real time in platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and more.

Database management

Data Analytics. Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive

Descriptive (Dashboards and ad-hoc Reporting), Predictive (Forecasting and Time Series Analysis) and Prescriptive (Operations Research, Optimization and Simulation).

Business Intelligence

We work on information visualization by creating interactive dashboards and data access in real time for critical decision making.

Cryptography Services

We have a complete portfolio of services aimed at improving business processes with fast, secure and easy integration, using one of the most important technologies in handling sensitive data: Cryptography.

Consulting in Business Creation. Entrepreneurship

Since 2012 Olga Gould, founder of GLF, has been advising immigrants and refugees in Canada, as well as low-income families in Colombia to create their own business Olga advises entertainers in their entrepreneurial initiatives, mostly in technology. Her book on Entrepreneurship for Children, "Let's Play Serious to Create a Company" has been purchased by the Government of Colombia and distributed in all public schools and libraries in the country. Since 2018 Olga has been teaching Business Creation and Project Management at VIRCS, Victoria Immigrant and Refugees Center Society and Entrepreneurship for Non-Specialist at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. GLF advises its clients in the complete creation of the Business Plan, in requesting operating licenses, in analyzing the market, in evaluating opportunities offered by the Government of Canada, in guiding the clients to register their businesses. GLF also trains clientes with 3D Business Simulations on operational challenges, data analytics, sustainability and ethical aspects.