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Our multidisciplinary consultants have more than 25 years of experience working on business strategy for data-driven companies.

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Olga Gould

Chief Data Officer (CDO)

Founder of GLF

Olga is a business consultant who has over 25 years of executive experience working on Business Metrics for data-driven companies. She provides briefings and advice to senior leaders in the public and private sectors on Business Intelligence (BI) and data analytics to support a wide range of business decisions in different disciplines such as: Financial Management, IT Management, Operations Management and Marketing Management.

Before founding GLF, Olga was the Financial Director of a large check clearing and document processing center; she was also the Regional Director of Marketing for a multinational provider of payment, smart card and identification solutions; she was also an Investment Banking Infrastructure Project Analyst at Deloitte and an Analyst for a private investment banking company.

Olga is a published author. In her book she guides children to become entrepreneurs under ethical principles while promoting social awareness.

Academic Background >>

Academic Background

Olga is an instructor, lecturer and course developer at the Gustavson School of Business, at the Department of Continuing Studies, and at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Victoria.

The courses Olga teaches at UVic are:
- Business Intelligence and Data Analytics BIDA 301
- Essential Skills for Data Literacy ESDL300.
- Management of Information Systems COM 331
- Digital Marketing Strategy COM 415
- Entrepreneurship for non specialist ENT 402
- Computers and Information Processing CSC 105
- Elementary Computing CSC100

Olga also teaches Business Creation and Project Management for Newcomers at the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS)

Olga is an industrial Engineer, she holds a MSc in Operations Research and Statistics (Ind. Eng.), and a MSc in Computer Science (Data Science)

Andres Guzman


Partner at Schälli Law Firm

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Since 2005, when we founded GLF, we have had the privilege of working with incredible people, remarkable professionals from whom we have learned and with whom we have built great opportunities to grow.

Multiple Locations
Our team works remotely from Canada, Colombia and the US.
GLF has worked with senior-level IT professionals, 52% of whom are trained in different disciplines in Data Science.
We have been working with flexible teams in more than 60 data science projects since 2004.
Reliable & Cost Effective
Trust is our priority and greatest asset. We are committed to offering secure solutions developed by a trusted team for the peace of mind of our clients.
24/7 Fully Support
Our clients are located in different time zones and due to the type of services we offer, such as Reputation Management, their requirements need immediate attention. We serve also the entertainment industry, which requires constant attention for its optimal operation.
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